Monday, September 20, 2010

Yippee - Internet Service!!

Hi everyone! I am sitting in the waiting room of the church office while they are having Monday night meetings and prayer - WOW. Powerful praying going on around me!!!

Okay, the last few days --

We drove out into the country, about thirty minutes from the church building where the orphans are (the fifty of them. The rest, I found out, are four hours away. Sarah or an assistant goes out there every two weeks to bring food.). We were able to see the land that Sarah and her husband, Bishop Ade, would like to purchase for the new facilities. There, we would first build the orphanage, including rooms for widows to live in as well, and a school. Then, we would add on for a skills training center and classrooms for high school level education. We would also like some rooms for those who come to help. Leslie and I were able to video Sarah and Bishop Ade with their story and hopes. The property looks like a little piece of paradise, and it is next to water!!! Love it! The piece is across the water on the other side!!

One night, we went just as it was dark enough and handed out glow-in-the-dark bracelets!
WOW!! It took a long time placing them on fifty children's wrists, one at a time, but they were so patient, and, afterward, we had so much fun dancing, singing, and raising our hands in the air. I shouted "Praise the Lord!", and they responded "Hallelujah!". It was so precious!! This is what they hear in church!!

To all you readers, I am SO thankful for you, and I love everyone so much!

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