Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travel and Arrival

The Lord watched over me the whole way here!!
As I sat in the Brussels airport, in the terminal for those traveling to Africa, I met a woman from Abidjan. Her name is Denise.
She has been living in the UK for 9 years, and spoke beautiful English. She was going to her home village for a funeral. I shared with her about the orphans, and she was so moved that I would come, and that I cared. She was inspired, and asked if I would keep her informed; she wanted to help.

Well!!! Denise was like a little angel sent to watch over me. She stayed with me as we got on the plane, and when we arrived in Africa, the guards just waved me on; didn't even look at my passport. Then when her husband met us at the luggage, his sister "just so happened" to be there, and was a guard on duty. She took my passport and just passed me through. They had another friend with them, and he helped me with my luggage, and a guard stood with us and stayed with me to be sure my luggage just passed through!! It turned out Denise's husband knew of my friend Marya -- for Marya is known to many as a famous Christian singer. So he was very happy to meet her.

Marya took me straight to her home where I was able to meet two (out of four) of her sisters, her mother, Sarah, and their new adopted baby brother, Gabriel. Two women, pastors, from Nigeria were staying at their home, and they came to greet me as well.

So today I will be meeting the children that are at the church building and picking up Leslie Ringger, the daughter of Gary Ringger (founder of Lifesong for Orphans). She will be with me for two days to videotape as much as possible.

The hotel situation has been okay; the people here are treating me very well. And Marya is staying by my side all the way!!!

Love to you all,

Continue to pray...


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  1. So happy you got there safely! I'll be praying! =D