Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Children!!!

Oh, I am shedding tears as I try and write this down. Marya, Leslie, and I walked on the grounds of the church and we saw two of the children running around. She whispered to them, "Go tell the others that Mama Sandra is here." I could here the children behind this big wall cheering. We went into the church building at the end of Wednesday night service and, suddenly, there were several children at the door peering in at me. I waved.
Marya was worried they would all come, and told them to run back and wait.

Sarah, Marya's mom (an amazing woman! I will tell you more about her), walked us to the back end of the church property and yelled out something in French. Before I knew it, there I was surrounded by beautiful children hugging me, hanging on me, laughing, reaching out to touch me. It was dark, but, oh, how I could make out those beautiful smiles. Leslie was also embraced and hugged. They didn't want to let go of us; they loved having us there. We briefly saw the sleeping room, and met the two brand-new babies.

We will go back tomorrow and be able to film them, get pictures, and videotape Sarah and her vision for the orphanage. I will have a hard time sleeping tonight. I am SO happy and can't wait to see them again!!

I walked in the vision the Lord gave me twenty-five years ago - tonight, September 15, 2010!!!!!!! Praise be to God!!!

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  1. I have tears in my eyes after reading your last line. Praise God for His wonderful blessings and timing and purposes that can never be hindered!