Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Home

Last night, I went with Sarah to visit her daughter who got very sick. She was in the hospital by their house. Oh, it was hard to see the conditions of this hospital!!

Today, I went shopping with Sarah in the market, and in the bigger city. She introduced me to a fashion designer that has been doing very well here in Côte d'Ivoire. He was excited to meet me, as well, seeing that that was my vocation. In the middle of depressing surroundings, there sat his place, decorated with beautiful doors and glass windows.

I was able to buy the orphans a new soccer ball because the one we were playing with popped.
So tonight I sat with the children as they ate their dinner, holding a baby the whole time to let the fifteen-year-old mommy to eat. Sadly, she is one of the orphans, and now she has a baby. I gave the children the new ball and they went crazy!!!!

After trying to communicate with them (It is so hard! My French is still terrible! UGH!!), it was time that I say goodbye. I never thought saying goodbye could be so painful!!! Marya translated for me as I said goodbye, telling them how much I love them, and that I will be back. When I told them maybe next time I will bring my daughter, they went crazy again; Audrey, you are already famous here!!!

Another great opportunity is also coming out of this trip. It turns out that Sarah has a personal artist who creates prints on material for her. She has her own line of clothing for men, women and children. IMAGINE THAT. I got to meet the artist and see where he does his work. I will share more later, bt it looks like there may be a company forming out of this!!! I have been so WOWED, it is starting to be overwhelmingly GREAT!

God, you are amazing. Who would have ever thought I would connect with someone all the way across the world FOR HIS GLORY!!!! I can't stop crying as I type this!!!

Okay, love to you all who are reading this. Pray for my travels. Starting tomorrow, I have a LONG journey ahead.

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  1. Sandra, You were crying while you typed and I am crying while I read. I can just see you surrounded by those children holding that baby! And them cheering for the soccer ball. You will never be the same women! Great is God's Faithfulness! That is all I can say as Lincoln Brewster reminds me with his melody.

    Be sure to call as soon as you are able. I love you tons and can't wait to hear more details.

    Love ya sis.