Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here It Is! My Vision from the Lord!

Praise be to God!!! Wow, what a day!!!
There I was today, once again, walking surrounded by the children.
They are so hungry for love, attention, touch!!!
They were trying to be so patient, waiting for the gifts I brought.
They first recited scripture for me, then sang some songs.
Then we past out paper, pencils, and crayons, and they all sat for a long time drawing a picture that at the end they all gave to me!!! The drawings are amazing!!!

I then passed out toothbrushes. They all have their own cups. Marya then reviewed with them how to brush their teeth! It was so precious to watch them.

After passing out the gifts and toys, I just spent time with them. Taught them how to play "Hot Potatoes," sang more songs, and danced!!!

They need so much!!! I have such a hard time not falling apart in tears. You can see in each one of them such a strong desire to learn.

I am so amazed at the strong woman Sarah is!!! She has always had a heart for the poor, and has a great vision - wanting to see an orphanage and school built which later will grow into a place for training men and women with a trade, and help them to live a healthy life. All along, worshipping and serving God in all they do. She is already reaching young women through her ministry "Sarah's Daughters," and has helped so many men and women off the streets. She just needs a better facility to carry on this work (you will see pictures of where they are later - it will break your heart)!!!

I will be able to share more when I get back - thanks to Leslie Ringger who worked so hard today capturing every minute!!!

Tomorrow we will get to see the 10 acres that Sarah is trying to buy - THIS IS THE FIRST NEED!!!!!
This will be the focus of my first fundraiser!! We need $400, 000 to purchase it.

For now, I am exhausted - maybe not very clear. I 'm so tired, sorry!

Love to you all who are following and praying!

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