Friday, September 24, 2010


Well, being home has been a mixture of emotions. Oh, I was so happy to see Karl at the airport! Running on adrenaline, I went and picked up Will and Audrey from school, receiving the tightest hugs ever!!! Then drove about 50 minutes to see Dalton play football, squeezing in a call to Hunter for his birthday.

Showing Karl the pictures of the children was hard, knowing I couldn't just go over there today to spend time with them. Oh, I miss them terribly!! But now is the time to start the work - helping them in any way the Lord so directs.

First, knowing it will take time to purchase the land (which I need to make some corrections on the info I put out), I need to start raising money for their existing conditions where they are. Then, or at the same time, focus on raising funds for the new facility!

So I ask for prayer, for guidance. That I allow the Lord's leading and not lean lean on my own understanding!!!

The land was calculated wrong. They were speaking Hectares not Acres. So it is 10 Hectares which is 24.7 Acres for $200,000 not $400,000.

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  1. Coming late to the party but glad to be here anyway! I am proud of you, Sweetheart...Blessings on walking with the Lord in the Vision of His heart that He lends to you, too! love you